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Toyota Lease Return Center

Boch Toyota Norwood is the place to come and discuss all your lease-end concerns. Whether your vehicle was leased here or elsewhere, we’ve simplified the process for you across any brand!

Is your lease ending soon? Earn up to $550.00 by returning your leased vehicle (any make or model) to Boch Toyota Norwood!

  • Would you like out of your current lease?
  • Ready to upgrade to a new model?
  • Looking to purchase your leased car?
  • Want to lower your payments and get a great new car?
  • Over your miles or have major or minor damage to your vehicle?

Boch Toyota Norwood can alleviate all of your concerns with a little bit of information from you.

Offer available while supplies last. Please contact us for more information!

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Although your lease is up for renewal, our commitment to your satisfaction remains everlasting. There are procedures to take and decisions to make as you near the end of your lease’s 90-day closing period, and getting things done on time might seem stressful. Rest assured that our financial services can help folks all around Norwood. We even take leased cars that you got from another dealership. We aren’t Toyota exclusive, either, so we might be able to buy cars that you leased from other automakers, as long as you own them now.

What Are My Options When My Lease Ends?

We want your lease-end experience to be hassle-free, so we’ve worked hard to streamline the entire process. Whether you got your leased vehicle from us or not, at least one of the three options below will be available:

Option 1: Lease a Newer Toyota

Whether you’re looking for a new Toyota or just want a new version of what you already have, our large inventory makes it simple to locate the ideal vehicle for your budget and lifestyle. If you are familiar with leasing and have done it several times, this is probably the best option for you. If this is your first time and you enjoyed leasing a Toyota, it’s only natural to replicate that experience. You’ll get the same generous mileage and driving limits and an even newer standard of vehicle from the top automaker in the world.

Option 2: Buy Your Leased Toyota

Have you developed a strong attachment to your Toyota? There are two ways to buy your leased Toyota. The first is to set up a financing plan by contacting the original dealer, whether that means us or someone else. The second option is to buy the vehicle outright with cash or a check. Contact us to make sure you have our most up-to-date payback offers and to clarify what documentation to send.

Option 3: Return Your Leased Toyota

Not quite ready to lease another Toyota? No problem. We’ll be happy to help you return your Toyota vehicle at the end of your lease term. Simply return it to our Boch Toyota lease return center, with any keys, manuals, or extras that arrived with the car. Our team will handle the inspection and paperwork.

How To Get Ready to Return a Leased Car

In the weeks running up to the end of your Toyota leasing agreement, there are several things you’ll want to do. For the smoothest transition to your next vehicle, follow these steps:

  • Inspect your car for signs of excessive wear and tear and make any necessary repairs. This will help ensure there are no return fees due to your Toyota’s condition.
  • Double-check that you have all the keys, owner’s manuals, spare tires or tool packs, and all original equipment such as cargo covers, body parts like spoilers, seat headrests, and more.
  • Call your local Toyota dealer to set up a turn-in appointment. While your original lease dealer is obligated to accept your return car, calling ahead will ensure you are coming in at a good time and that the service will be fast.
  • Make sure the relevant parties you were paying have received all contract payments and additional expenses.
  • Make an appointment for a complimentary inspection 15 to 60 days before your maturity date. Any credible Massachusetts Toyota dealer will provide such an inspection.

With these steps handled, all that remains is to visit on the scheduled day. Let our team briefly confirm your vehicle’s condition, and you’ll be ready to get another car to buy or lease in a few minutes.

Do I Need To Do an Inspection before Turning in My Leased Car?

We strongly recommend taking your leased Toyota or other vehicle to a dealership service center before the actual return appointment. If it’s another dealership from where you leased, make it clear that you want an inspection to confirm your returning condition. This way, you know for sure about any excessive wear and the expense of repairs versus what the fees might cost if you leave it alone.

Can I Sell My Leased Toyota From Another Dealership to Boch Toyota?

Absolutely, Boch Toyota is all about buying end-of-lease cars, and not even Toyota exclusively. That being said, you will have to arrange to own the car by buying it before you can sell it. You can’t sell a car you don’t own, after all. Take some steps with your original leasing dealer to ensure that it’s fully passed to you. That way, by the time you’re ready to return it to us, there are no obstacles and we can give you your bonus cash.

Do You Contact Me Before the Lease Expires?

If you lease a Toyota, from us or other Toyota-centered dealerships, then yes, Toyota Financial Services will contact you by mail or email to walk you through the lease return process. Well ahead of the final day, you’ll get instructions on how to return the car in the best possible condition, as well as an Odometer Disclosure Statement and a checklist of items that must be inside when you return it. They may also clarify the local dealerships where you can return the leased car.

The final weeks of a Toyota lease can sneak up on you. Consider Boch Toyota, your local leasing return center. Contact us by filling out the form on this page with your information. You’ll be able to comfortably end your lease and transition to your next car, and then save even more on special benefits like our pre-owned Toyota Velocity Pricing.