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Easy Ways to Keep Kids Busy in Your Toyota Sienna Purchased in Wellesley, MA

If you have kids and you drive often, you know how antsy they can get in the car. If you just purchased a new or used Toyota Sienna from your local dealership in Wellesley, MA, you probably want to enjoy it without listening to the kids fussing in the backseat. Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to keep them entertained on both long and short trips. Here are a few of them. 

Coloring Books

Coloring books are affordable and a great way for kids to pass the time in the car. They are small and easy to store in your Toyota Sienna. You can slide them under the seat or put them in an organizer and strap it to the back of a seat. Anytime you need to run an errand in Wellesley, MA, just tell the kids to get out their coloring books, and you won’t hear a peep from the backseat. 


Now that you have a Toyota Sienna, you might as well buy a portable DVD player to keep in it. Some newer models even come with a built-in player. Kids love movies, and whether you are taking a road trip across the state or just headed to the office in Wellesley, MA, to drop off some important paperwork, your kids will be happy to watch movies while you drive. Just pop in their favorite movie, and you won’t hear any whining or fighting. 

Travel Games

You can find lots of great travel games at department stores and toy stores. They are great for kids of all ages and will help keep the peace in your Toyota Sienna no matter where you drive in Wellesley, MA. You can even make your own travel games. Search online and print them out to keep your kids busy and entertained for hours in the car.

Buy a Toyota Sienna in Wellesley, MA, Today

If you are ready to get behind the wheel of a new Toyota Sienna, check out your local Boch Toyota in Wellesley, MA. You can browse the selection of new and used vehicles, check out your lease and finance options, and talk to someone who can help get you behind the wheel of your dream vehicle. If you are worried about the kids romping and fighting in the backseat of your new car, just keep them busy with one of the suggestions above. 


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