Toyota Sedan Canton, MA

Remove Dents from a Toyota Sedan in Canton, MA

If you have a Toyota sedan in Canton, MA, and it has dents, you probably want to remove them. Nobody wants to drive around in a car that has cosmetic issues, and dents are noticeable by most people. Don’t worry; you can remove most types of dents on your own. Before you get your insurance company involved or spend a lot of money at the body shop, try these tips to remove dents from your vehicle.


Everyone has a plunger in their Canton, MA, home, and you can use one to remove small dents from your Toyota sedan. Simple place the plunger over the dent, gently push it forward and then pull back. The plunger applies suction to the dent and will put it out. The car may make a popping sound when the dent pulls out. Sometimes, it takes more than once to pop it out.

Boiling Water

If the dent is on the bumper of your Toyota sedan, boiling water may make it easier to remove it. The boiling water softens the plastic on the bumper. Simply boil water in your Canton, MA, home, then pour it on the dent. As soon as the water hits the dent, reach on the other side of the bumper, and push it out. It should easily push back into place. You may need to get someone to help you with this method.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is an affordable and simple way to remove dents from your Toyota sedan. If you can’t find dry ice at any stores in Canton, MA, you can buy it online. Be sure to protect your hands before touching the dry ice to the dent. Continue to do this until the dent pops out. It may take a few times before you see results. This process works on both large and small dents.

Buy a New Toyota Sedan Today

If you are driving around Canton, MA, in a beat-up and dented Toyota sedan, it may be time to get a new one. Visit your local Boch Toyota and check out the selection of new and used vehicles. Find out about your financing options and test-drive the cars that interest you. Popping out dents is a pain; you deserve a nice car without any cosmetic problems. Drive home in your new Toyota vehicle today.


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