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What Customers Typically Lease a Toyota RAV4 in Natick, MA?

If you’ve ever been in the market for a new SUV or if you’ve recently considered purchasing a new Toyota RAV4 in Natick, MA, you’ve probably wondered whether it’s better to lease or buy. This isn’t an easy question to understand because both options have positive aspects and drawbacks. Your answer comes down to your preferences and needs. To help you make the best choice for your situation, consider what types of customers generally lease a vehicle. 

Want Something New All the Time

You’ve no doubt heard much about whether you should drive a new car or a used car. Like the lease-purchase debate, different customers have different thoughts about whether they should look for something brand new or something used. If it’s important to you to drive a new car and not hassle with car repairs and potential unreliability, you should choose to lease your next Toyota RAV4. When you lease, you will always have a new car. Plus, if you continue to lease car after car, you’ll never have to worry about driving something someone else owned before you. 

You Have Great Credit

Even if you don’t obtain a car loan when you acquire your next vehicle in Natick, MA, the dealer will still look at your credit score to determine whether you qualify for a lease. If you have a poor or average credit, you won’t likely qualify for a lease. However, dealers are happy to extend the lease option if your credit score is in good shape. 

You Can Keep the Mileage Down

There are many factors that determine how many miles you’ll put on your Toyota RAV4 during the next year. If you have multiple cars, have shorter daily commutes, and don’t plan on taking cross-country trips, you can probably stay within the mileage restrictions that come with a lease. Customers who put on excessive miles every month should think strongly about buying instead. 

You Want Smaller Monthly Payments

Who doesn’t want to pay less every month? Leasing is a great way to pay less for your vehicle every month. Usually, payments on leases are less than they are when you buy a car with a loan. Plus, registration fees in Natick, MA, and taxes on your lease will be less. 

At Boch Toyota, you can find leasing options on a Toyota RAV4. Come to the dealership today and look for your next car to drive in Natick, MA. 


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