At Boch Toyota, we offer our customers several options for returning your leased car, minivan, or SUV. For questions, and for more information on how to trade in your lease, or to get into a new vehicle today, please contact our Sales Associates.

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Lease Manager

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Lease Manager

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Lease Manager

Purchase My Lease

How do I buy out my lease?

Buying out your lease is a great option that we definitely recommend you look into. Not only do Toyota vehicles maintain their value as compared to many other brands, when you purchase a vehicle that you’ve already been driving, you know that it has been maintained and taken care of over the past few years. This is also a great option if you’re worried about incurring additional costs due to mileage overages or damages to the vehicle. If interested, please contact a lease manager at 781-255-6083 to set up a consultation.

Upgrade My Lease

How do I upgrade my lease?

It is always possible to turn in your current lease and buy or lease a newer model. If your current vehicle is one that we can re-sell on our lot, we will work with you to maintain a comfortable payment in a newer model! If interested in coming in for an appraisal, please contact a lease manager at 781-255-6083 to set up a consultation.

Extend My Lease

How do I extend my current lease?

Do you need a little extra time before determining what your next step will be? No problem at all. In most cases, the bank you leased through can extend the lease on a month to month basis. If you leased through Toyota Financial Services, this can be done over the phone at 1-800-874-8822.

Return My Lease

How do I return my lease?

If you wish to turn in the lease and walk away when the contract matures, you still need to come in for an evaluation. If you decide not to lease or purchase through Toyota again, you will be charged a lease termination or “disposition” fee. You don’t need an appointment if you’re just looking to drop your vehicle off. This can only be done on week days.

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