How To Change the Battery in a Toyota Key Fob

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A key fob comes in handy when you want to unlock the doors of your vehicle from a distance or secure the doors with a chirp as you head inside to your destination. As the owner of a Toyota vehicle, there may come a time when you need to switch the battery in the key fob. The process only takes a few minutes, and your key fob will respond with the press of its buttons. If you need to replace the remote itself, our team at Boch Toyota has the parts you need.

When To Replace a Key Fob Battery

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It’s time to replace a key fob battery when you discover it doesn’t work properly. For example, if you hold the button to open the trunk on your Toyota Camry, but the trunk remains closed, then something in the fob is amiss. If the vehicle is quiet after you’ve accessed the icon for the car alarm, then you can conclude you need to purchase a new battery.

Test the power of your key fob by pressing the buttons and seeing how your vehicle responds. Another option is to use a backup remote and compare its performance to the primary key fob. If the backup works but the primary doesn’t, then the battery on the main remote probably is out of power. Once you replace it, the key fob can return to its normal functions.

How To Change a Key Fob Battery

The following steps can show you how to install a new battery in the key fob for your Toyota vehicle.

Pry Open the Fob

Opening the key fob to find the remote depends on the Toyota model you drive. If you have a newer version, such as a 2022 Highlander, which has a remote keyless entry system, then you can access a hidden key inside the remote. Slide the key on a slot that opens the fob, splitting its front and back cover. If you have an older version of a Toyota, such as a 2006 Yaris, then you can pry open the case of the remote. Aim the screwdriver at the notch that sticks out from the key fob that allows the case to open.

Take Out the Circuit Board

Inside the key fob is a green rectangle called the circuit board. To gain access to the battery underneath, lift the circuit board or remove it completely. It’s important to be gentle so you’re not interfering with the inner functions of the remote. You can use the same flat object to handle the circuit board you used to pry open the key fob. Make sure you have enough space to remove the old battery safely and insert the new one.

Find a Replacement Battery

Now you can see the battery that’s already inside the key fob. Make a note of its name and size so you know which battery to purchase when you’re ready to replace the old one. For example, the battery in a key fob for a Toyota Corolla is a CR 2032 3V, which is also common in several models of the brand.

Your local electronics store may have the item in stock, or you can perform a quick search of the name of the battery and the model of your vehicle to determine if you can order it from an online supplier. Another way to find the type of battery you need is to read the owner’s manual for the Toyota vehicle you drive.

Insert the New Battery

Remove the original battery from the key fob and insert the replacement. Be mindful that you’re installing it in the same position as the old one, with the name of the battery visible to you once it’s in place. Reposition the circuit board so it covers the new electrical piece, then snap both pieces of the key back together.

Test the Key Fob

After you reseal the remote, perform tests to make sure the new battery is effective. Tap the buttons to see if the doors on your vehicle lock and unlock, the truck opens, and the alarm sounds and turns off. If you notice the vehicle isn’t responding, then reopen the key fob to double-check that you inserted the battery correctly.

Additionally, make sure the battery is all the way inside, along with the position of the circuit board. Testing the function of the key fob helps you figure out if the battery replacement was the solution to the malfunctioning. If not, then you can conclude that there’s something wrong with the actual remote.

When To Replace a Key Fob

It’s time to replace the entire key fob when it still doesn’t work properly after you installed a different battery. For instance, if you’ve made sure the battery was secure underneath the circuit board, and the buttons don’t appear to connect to the vehicle, then you may need a new fob. Replacement is also necessary when you’ve misplaced the fob or it has damage, such as a cracked surface or malfunctioning button.

You can retrieve a new fob by ordering one directly from our website. Enter your contact information and a description of your vehicle in the online form. Check out our parts specials to see what discounts you may be eligible for to save you money. You can also call our parts center at 866-633-0477 for insight into the fob you need before you meet us at the dealership to pick up your order.

Whether you own a Toyota car, truck, or SUV, the key fob enables you to control the mechanisms of your vehicle from afar, but its battery won’t last forever. Fortunately, replacing the battery is possible with a few easy steps. Take a drive to our dealership and stop by our parts center to learn more information about the battery that’s compatible with the key fob you own. If you want to switch out the fob for a new one, or even upgrade your Toyota vehicle, we’ll be happy to assist you. Call us today to schedule your next visit.

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