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Are you looking for a club to join in Norwood, Massachusetts? If so, Norwood has a variety of clubs for both children and adults, no matter what your interests may be. From art classes to a ladies’ golf club, you truly have a great selection of clubs where you can make friends and have a great time. Whether you want to up your game or you’re a beginner, these clubs are sure to meet your needs and preferences. The following is a list of clubs in the Norwood area to get you started:

Just Bake It Basics

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The Just Bake It Basics is a fun baking course that will teach you everything you need to know about baking a delicious pie, cookies, cake, or any other tasty treat you can think of. The class will teach you fun basic skills of baking in your own kitchen. Each week, participants will have the opportunity to bake something new to bring home with them. And, the course also covers kitchen safety and sanitation. This course is taught by local baker Mary Taggart.

There are a number of courses available to take in the Just Bake It Basics club, with each one lasting a little over a month. There are also varying times to choose from so you can select the course that best fits into your schedule.

Take + Make Winter Craft

The Take + Make Winter Craft is located at the Morrill Memorial Library and offers children a fun way to create a take-home craft. This club is specifically for toddlers and preschoolers, so keeping your young one busy will be a breeze. You must register for the number of kits you need based on how many children you wish to sign up. If the registered participants don’t pick up their created crafts within a week, the materials will be available to people on the waiting list. Most of these activities occur on Mondays and are all-day events.

Blue Hills Hiking and Bike Club

The Blue Hills Hiking and Bike Club is great for the adventurous types and offers a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy getting sweaty. This club is oriented more toward pros than beginners, so it’s best if you have some experience before joining the Blue Hills Hiking and Bike Club. They go on various biking and hunting excursions, including various trails, hiking local paths in well-known areas, strolls, and biking through the Norwood, Massachusetts area.

Retired Women Hiking and More

A retired woman who wanted to find friends similar in age and status to hike and enjoy other activities with created the Women Hiking and More club. Most activities occur during the day within the 5-day workweek, which is usually when others are at work. The club is meant for “average women” who don’t need to be athletic at all to enjoy being part of this club. In addition to hiking, they also visit local attractions and outdoor sites. Some of these locations include the Gammino Pond Reserve, the Mass Audubon’s Moose Hill Wild Sanctuary, Stony Brooke Wildlife Sanctuary, and Adams Farm in Walpole.

The Cool Young Professionals & Graduate Students Group

This exciting group was created by young people who were having trouble meeting people while in graduate school or as a young professional. The Cool Young Professionals & Graduate Students Group offers various opportunities to connect with others in these circumstances and to build friendships with like-minded individuals. They have all kinds of events, including walks, bar nights, and picnics. Some of their most recent group get-togethers include Random Q’s With Someone New, Newbies Meet Newbies, The Friendship Matchmaker, and Random Questions Dialogue.

Anime and Manga Meetup Group

Are you passionate about anime, Manga, or both? Do you have trouble finding friends who are also into these genres? If so, this club is perfect for you. The Anime and Manga Meetup Group has created a group of fans that meet on a regular basis to talk about their passion for this genre. Some meetups are virtual, while others are in person. Examples of meetups this group has had in the past include the First Official Manga Meetup and Anime Group Chat.

Events Gone Wild

Events Gone Wild was founded to help others of all ages meet new people and make new friends. They encourage single, divorced, widowed, and married individuals to join, as well as people from all stages of life and backgrounds. Most of the events the club hosts are active in nature, but others are more laid back for those who don’t live an active lifestyle. They invite people from all over the New England Area and tend to spread their events out throughout the area.

They work hard to create original events that most people don’t enjoy on a regular basis. They also accept recommendations from members of the group for fun activities. Examples of meetups they’ve had in the past include March Madness! Let’s go Bowling and have Dinner! Ladies luncheon, Winter Wonderland Dance Party, and Snowmobiling.

Multifamily Wealth Meetup

The Multifamily Wealth Meetup group was created to provide educational content and networking opportunities to multifamily real estate investors. Typically, the group meets virtually on a monthly basis. The Multifamily Wealth Meetup often has speakers who come to talk about particular aspects in multifamily real estate investing, with virtual networking opportunities following the discussion. For example, multifamily real estate investors can talk to service providers, partners, and investors.

Previous events they have had include Virtual: Underwriting Multifamily Real Estate + How It’s Changing in 2022 and Going Direct to Seller and Finding Discounts Off-Market Multifamily Deals. If you’re a multifamily real estate investor, this could be a great club to join to meet new people and learn about new topics in your field.

Live Your Best Freaking Life: Guided Meditation & Journaling

The Live Your Best Freaking Life: Guided Meditation & Journaling club is intended to help both new and well-established individuals strengthen their journaling and meditation practice. Reverend Yugen Bond, who is the founder of Enough-ism podcast and the author of “Enough-ism: This Minimalist Wants More,” is the leader of this group. This group helps individuals “get their mind right and keep their spirits bright.” Meetups are virtual and all are welcome.

If you’re looking for a fun club to join, we’d love to hear about which one you found. Visit us today at Boch Toyota to tell us all about it.

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