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There’s a Hybrid for Everyone at Boch Toyota

Saving money. Saving the environment. Getting more distance between stops on long trips. No matter what angle you’re coming from, hybrid vehicles have made a major impact on the motoring public.

Combining electric and gasoline power, they make for a vehicle that is comfortable, efficient, yet still has the response and power of a traditional gas-powered vehicle. And if you look around Boch Toyota of Norwood, you’ll see that no carmaker has done a better job of providing an excellent roster of hybrid vehicles than Toyota.

A Hybrid for Everyone at Boch Toyota | white 2019 toyota camry hybrid running on road


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What is TRD?

What does TRD stand for?


TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development, which is the branch of Toyota that supports our competitive racing interests worldwide. However, it also has a performance tuning division that produces products and accessories that improve the performance of Toyota street cars.

When it comes to the TRD badge on trucks and SUVs, it’s mostly about the off-roading capabilities. The most important difference is in the suspension, but TRD influences other areas like exhaust, brakes, styling, and more, depending on the model and grade.


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