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How often should you wash your car?

A car is a considerable investment, which is why you care for it with regular maintenance checks like oil changes, tire rotations, and other services provided by the technicians at Boch Toyota.

But there is something you can do yourself that is cheap, simple, and will ensure your vehicle maintains its value and beautiful appearance – Washing it!

Washing is often overlooked when it comes to regular vehicle maintenance, but at Boch Toyota we believe it’s just as important as any other regular service.

Without proper washing, not only will the appearance seem drab, the actual value

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What is ToyotaCare?

You just purchased your brand new Toyota and there are more features to this vehicle than the latest spaceship heading to Mars. Between all of the technology, glits, and glamour of your new Toyota, one major benefit that might have been overlooked is ToyotaCare.

ToyotaCare is Toyota’s no additional cost maintenance program that covers select services for the first 2 years or 25,000 miles (whichever comes first). It also guarantees your shiny new ride will be maintained with Toyota Genuine Parts and taken care of by experienced factory-trained Toyota technicians.


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A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cleaning the Interior of Your Car

Keeping a clean car might seem like just a matter of preference, but the significance is actually far greater. Not only will it help maintain your car’s appearance, but it will also help to hold its quality and value longer.

What’s more, it could become a matter of safety. For example, smudged dirty windows may reduce visibility, or excessive trash may become a distraction while driving.

Right now we’re going to focus on cleaning the interior of your car, which will make your passengers more comfortable, maintain its reselling value, and give your self-esteem…

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